The Benefits of Becoming a Yin Yoga Teacher

By: Isabella Koepf, Yoga Therapist, Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, 500-Hour Yoga Teacher, Health Coach

The Benefits of Becoming a Yin Yoga Teacher

becoming a yin yoga teacher

Becoming a yin yoga teacher gives you the ability to share the benefits of yoga with even more people, spreading your wisdom and gifts to the world! Yin yoga is a profoundly calming, meditative, and physically healing practice, and as a yin yoga teacher, you can harness the power of yoga and share it with others in every class you teach.

But how do you become a yin yoga teacher? What are the benefits of teaching yin yoga? And why should you take a yin yoga YTT online? We will answer all of these questions in this article today! Teaching yin yoga is an exciting journey, and through this article, you will gain some concrete knowledge on how to take the first step. So, let’s dive in.

What Makes a Good Yin Yoga Teacher?

Teaching yin yoga is not the same as teaching other yoga styles. Yin yoga is a unique combination of functional anatomy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and yoga theory. When put all together, these elements provide yin yoga with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Yin yoga classes are often slow and meditative. Most of the poses are held for at least 2 minutes and usually even longer.  During these long holds, it is essential as a yin yoga teacher to know how to effectively hold the space for your students to go deeper into their yoga practice.

Some yin yoga teachers prefer to stay quiet and allow the practice to emphasize introspection and an internal journey. Alternatively, some yin yoga teachers use the time during the long holds of yin yoga poses to explain the philosophy, theory, and functional approach of yin yoga.

When teaching yin yoga, the best yoga teachers are those who discover their own unique style and allow their creativity to guide them in the practice. Starting out with a strong foundation and modeling your teachers is a great place to start. But once you have gone through an extensive yin YTT, you have the capability to add some creativity and exploration to your yin yoga classes to make them your own and engage your students.

The Benefits of Teaching Yin Yoga and Becoming a Yin Yoga Teacher

Teaching yin yoga is an inherently calming, meditative, and therapeutic experience. While teaching a yin yoga class, you, as the teacher, can also gain many benefits from teaching this practice in your own life. Some of the most commonly described benefits of teaching yin yoga include the following:

·      Provide a therapeutic experience for your students

·      Experience the peace and relaxation of yin yoga

·      Improve your knowledge of functional anatomy

·      Navigate the fascial system of the body

·      Learn the basics of traditional Chinese medicine

·      Provide a well-rounded experience of yin and yang in your yoga practice

·      Deepen into your personal yoga practice

The benefits of becoming a yin yoga teacher are almost too many to list! Teaching yin yoga is truly what you make of it, and as a yin yoga teacher, you have the opportunity to pursue an exciting and ever-growing career.

Why Should You Take an Online Yin Yoga YTT?

Taking an online yin yoga YTT allows you to learn how to teach yin yoga online from the comfort of your own home. Going in person for yoga teacher training is often expensive, and getting the time off from work can be challenging for many people.

By taking an online YTT, you can easily fit the training schedule into your daily routine and develop your career without having to disrupt your life. Pursuing training as a yin yoga teacher is shorter than the typical foundational 200hr yoga teacher training and can be easily added on without being overwhelming.

Additionally, training online in yin yoga gives you the tools to teach yin yoga both online and in person, so you will feel prepared to teach in a wide range of contexts. Teaching yin yoga online is a true gift to the world when stress and physical health issues are on the rise.

Can You Just Teach Yin Yoga?

There are some yoga teachers out there who simply start teaching yin yoga without pursuing training in the practice – but this can be dangerous and potentially unethical. Getting trained as a yin yoga teacher ensures that you can offer yin yoga classes safely to your students. Additionally, starting to teach without having training can be a form of cultural appropriation and does a disservice to the depth and breadth of yoga.

By taking the time to pursue a yin yoga teacher training, you can ensure that you honor the depth of yoga and receive the necessary credentials to teach yin yoga safely to your students. Yin yoga may appear easy to teach, but it is actually quite complex! By taking an online yin yoga YTT, you guarantee that you receive the proper training to teach yin yoga effectively.

How to Find the Best Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Choosing an online yin yoga teacher training can feel a bit like pulling a needle out of a haystack. These days there seems to be new online yoga teacher trainings everywhere, so how can you ensure the quality?

Thankfully, with the help of registration bodies like Yoga Alliance, these organizations ensure that the training you receive meets the minimum level of quality. Make sure to check if your chosen yin yoga teacher training is registered with Yoga Alliance at a minimum.

Beyond this basic qualification, it is also helpful to see the background of the teacher running the training and check how long they have been teaching, where they received their training, and their overall qualifications. This can help ensure that you are training under a qualified teacher who can guide you properly in the art of teaching yin yoga.

Should I Get Certified as a Yin Yoga Teacher?

So, at the end of the day, the main question that yin yoga lovers or seasoned yoga teachers ask is: should I get certified as a yin yoga teacher or not? Below we will go over 5 reasons why you should get certified as a yin yoga teacher online.

What Will You Learn in a Yin YTT

1.     Add Another Offering as a Yoga Teacher

Pursuing training as a yin yoga teacher allows you another opportunity to develop your holistic healing toolbox. The more variety of yoga classes that you are trained in, the better you can support your students and give them a well-rounded healing experience. Yin yoga is one of many profoundly healing yoga styles.

2.     Learn Functional Anatomy and Understand Fascia

Yin yoga is grounded in functional anatomy and an understanding of the fascial network. Through yin yoga teacher training, you can learn the basics of functional anatomy and understand how yoga benefits the fascia. This unique element of yin yoga training is grounded in both western science and traditional Chinese medicine.

3.     Deepen Your Personal Yin Yoga Practice

Pursuing any training as a yoga teacher is not just an opportunity to learn a new skill; it is also a personal journey. Many people seek yin yoga teacher training just for themselves to grow in their personal yoga practice and provide a stronger foundation for their knowledge on the mat so they can skip out on the studio and practice from home.  

4.     Connect to the Benefits of Yin and Balance Out the Yang

In modern times, the trend of yoga seems to be moving toward power yoga and vinyasa yoga. While these strong and fast yoga styles are undoubtedly beneficial, but they can lead to an overemphasis on the yang aspects. Through yin yoga, we can balance out this intensity with softness, meditation, and inner peace. Yin yoga is a cooling, lunar, feminine, calming, and peaceful practice.

5.     See Deep Transformation in Your Yoga Students

One of the largest benefits of teaching yin yoga is seeing the profound transformation in your students. There is nothing better than seeing the deep relaxation and inner peace spread across your student’s faces at the end of a yin yoga class. Teaching yin yoga, you have the opportunity to be a part of your student’s inner healing and witness their process as they connect to the yin side of life.

Become a Yin Yoga Teacher Online in Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The journey of becoming a yin yoga teacher is an exciting path into a new career with limitless possibilities for growth. Working as a yin yoga teacher allows you to share your healing gifts with the world while also deepening into your personal yoga practice and understanding the wisdom of yoga on a deeper level.  

In our online yoga teacher training courses, we give you detailed guidance on how to become a yin yoga teacher online and in person. With our online YTT, you can train from the comfort of your home but still have the skills to teach yin yoga in person and online. So, reach out to us for more information about our yin yoga YTT to begin this exciting journey and become a yin yoga teacher online today!

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