Kneeling Sun Salutations: Adapting Surya Namaskar A

By: Steph Ball-Mitchell, ERYT500, RPYT, RCYT, YACEP and LaToya Cooper, RYT500, RPYT

Kneeling Sun Salutations: Adapting Surya Namaskar A

Kneeling Sun SalutationsKneeling Sun Salutations

Nothing can compare to being absorbed in the flow.  Once the breath connects with the body's movement, there are all types of union that start to take place.  The mind and the body have united.  There is union with the world around us.  There may even be union with a higher power.  Most importantly, there is union within ourselves. Yoga means union and that's what this sacred practice is all about.  

Many students have asked how they can practice sun salutations without putting pressure on their wrists.  Sun Salutations are such an important part of traditional yoga practice, yet they are not safe for everyone.  Something about the repetitive movements and the connection that sun salutations bring is irreplaceable.  The traditional sequence involves putting a lot of pressure on the wrists and lowering down into Chaturanga Dandasana.  Chaturanga is such a tricky posture and when it is not practiced safely, it can cause serious joint injury.  LaToya Cooper from our team has designed kneeling sun salutations to help us get into the flow without risking serious injury.

LaToya Cooper Kneeling Sun Salutations

Watch LaToya's Kneeling Sun Salutations Below:

Kneeling Variation of Sun Salutations

Begin in child's pose, Balasana.  Let the spine get long and take a few breaths.  

Kneeling Sun Salutations

From here, rise up into tabletop pose.  On an inhale, drop the belly, arch the back and turn the gaze up, coming into Cow Pose, Bitilasana.   On your exhale, press into the palms, round the back and the shoulders as you tuck the chin into the chest for Cat Pose, Marjaryasana.

Cat and Cow Pose

On an inhale, crawl the hands forward.  As you exhale, drop down flat onto the belly.  On the next inhale, lift the chest for Cobra pose, Bhujangasana (option to choose Locust instead, Salabhasana).

Cobra or Locust Pose

Exhale back into Extended Puppy Pose, Uttana Shishosana

Extended Puppy Pose

Take an inhale there and then exhale as you rise back into tabletop.  Inhale back into your Cow pose and exhale back into your Cat pose.

Cat Cow

Inhale as you find a neutral spine in tabletop and exhale back into child's pose, Balasana.  

Kneeling Sun Salutations

LaToya is a registered 500-hour yoga teacher and a registered prenatal yoga teacher.  She is one of the instructors for our online 200 hour yoga teacher training300 hour yoga teacher training and prenatal yoga teacher training.  She also works with our social media.  LaToya founded Asanas and Wellness and has a popular class on establishing a home practice.  She is well known for her yin classes and her skillful approach to accessible yoga.