How to Make the Most of an Online Yoga Teacher Training

By: Isabella Koepf

How to Make the Most of an Online Yoga Teacher Training

Starting your online yoga teacher training can feel overwhelming, but with a few essential tricks, you can make the most of your online YTT! Unlike an in-person yoga teacher training program, online YTT often requires a bit more self-discipline and dedication – but building that tapas or inner fire is a part of yoga practice anyways. With the right approach, your online yoga teacher training can be a truly transformational experience.

Whether you are just starting your online yoga teacher training or pursuing continuing education yoga courses, these tips will help you navigate the online learning world with greater ease. In this article, we will go over 10 simple practices to make the most of your online yoga teacher training and become a truly transformational yoga teacher in no time. So, let’s dive in!

10 Tips to Help You Make the Most of an Online Yoga Teacher Training

1.    Create Your Sacred Yoga Practice Space

Becoming a certified yoga teacher takes quite a lot of dedication, and with a designated sacred yoga practice space, you can deepen further into this profound experience. A sacred yoga space helps to build a structure for your practice and can remind you of the importance of constantly returning to the mat.

Try setting up a room or corner of your home where you regularly practice yoga and have your study materials nearby. You may even want to decorate this space with spiritual or grounding objects that can cultivate an aura of protection around your studies. Keeping this designated space can remind you of your practice. Every time you step into this area, it is like stepping into a portal of deep inner reflection and transformation!

2.    Set an Online YTT Schedule

Many online yoga teacher training programs are self-paced, meaning that you have the time to complete the material on your own. While this can certainly be a blessing for those with busy schedules and many responsibilities to juggle, it also means that you have to be more organized in your approach to the course. As you begin your online YTT, it helps to write down a list of the coursework you need to complete and make a plan for how to approach it.

For example, maybe you set aside 1 hour per day for your studies or a full day on the weekend. Formulate whatever works best for you, create a schedule, and do your best to stick to it. But remember to give yourself grace if you cannot follow it perfectly and need to adjust the schedule to your needs. Learn the Benefits of an Online YTT versus In Person YTT

3.    Invest in Stable Technology

For an online YTT, it is essential to have a good internet connection and reliable technology to navigate the course. Many online yoga teacher trainings have some flexibility for accessing on a computer, tablet, or phone. But make sure that your device is big enough that you can comfortably read the materials or watch the videos. You might even try connecting your device to the TV for an even bigger and more detailed view of the practices. If you struggle with technology, try seeking guidance from others to get you set up for success!  

4.    Connect with Other Online YTT Students

Online yoga teacher training has the benefit of easily studying from home, but it can also be somewhat isolating if you aren’t used to working online. Thankfully, there are now many ways to create a community online through social media groups, group chats, forums, or weekly video calls. There are likely many other students in your online YTT in a similar situation who are seeking support with the material. By working together on becoming a certified yoga teacher with this collaborative support, you can get through any challenges you may face together.

Your school may already have established peer support groups. But if not, try setting one up on your own! With the added support of your fellow students, you can learn from each other and keep your motivation flowing no matter what curveballs life throws your way.

5.    Deepen Your Self-Practice

Online yoga teacher training is not only about becoming a teacher; it is also about deepening your personal yoga practice. The best students make the most outstanding teachers. And first and foremost, you should always remember to keep a beginner’s mind and focus on your personal practice. Try applying what you learn to your own life – this will not only make your learning so much richer, but it will also make you a better teacher when you are able to embody these lessons.

6.    Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

Yoga teacher training is an exciting opportunity to explore the vast world of yoga. The materials can feel dense and overwhelming at times, but remember that this is also an opportunity to explore your interests. Some people may have an affinity for a particular style of yoga or for certain practices. Let yourself explore the many avenues and practices of yoga and find what resonates most with you. As you deepen into your personal interests, you can also develop your unique style as a yoga teacher and cultivate what sets you out from the crowd.

7.    Go At Your Own Pace

Most yoga teacher training courses are either 200-hour or 300-hour yoga teacher training courses. When many students hear this number, they immediately become overwhelmed and wonder how they will ever complete so many hours of education! But the good news is that with online yoga teacher training, you can move at your own pace through the material. Take your time to fully digest the information and incorporate it into your practice. While it may feel tempting to rush through the program and complete it as quickly as possible, in the long run, you will be grateful that you took your time and integrated these practices into your life.

8.    Find the Best Yoga Certifications

Perhaps the most important step when choosing an online yoga teacher training course is to find the best yoga certifications for you. Finding the best yoga certifications can take some time to research and find the right fit. It is always advised to check if your online YTT is registered with the Yoga Alliance, as this is considered the leading organization that regulates yoga teacher training schools, and some insurance companies or businesses require a Yoga Alliance certification.

You may also want to take a few trial classes from your chosen school before making the commitment and research a bit more about the teachers. Finding the best yoga certifications can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But with patience and dedication, you will find the best yoga certification program for your needs!

9.    Seek Support When Needed

Even though you are studying from home, you don’t need to go through your online yoga teacher training alone! All yoga schools offer some form of peer or teacher support through office hours, live classes, Q&A sessions, or mentorship. When in doubt, contact your school directly to find out what support they have to offer. It is better to seek help when needed rather than struggle on your own.

Remember that just like how we use yoga props to support the body, sometimes we need other people to help support us too. Seeking support is a sign of strength, and it will significantly assist you in deepening your knowledge and navigating the complexities of online yoga teacher training.

10.Have Fun!

Online yoga teacher training may be a formal yoga certification program, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a serious or tedious endeavor. Becoming a yoga teacher is an exciting journey of self-discovery, growth, and profound transformation. Give yourself permission to relax into this process and have some fun with the material! Get creative in your yoga practice, read books that excite you, seek out local classes to add to your training, or just play around on your yoga mat! Whatever makes you light up will help to bring greater joy and depth to your experience in an online YTT.

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Online yoga teacher training can feel like a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be! With the proper guidance and structure, you can make your online YTT feel like a deeply nourishing, restorative, and transformational experience. Online yoga teacher training is an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, and with the right mindset, you can gain the many benefits that an online YTT has to offer.

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