The Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training Versus In-Person Training

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The Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training Versus In-Person Training

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One of the most common questions for those pursuing yoga teacher training is whether you should pursue your yoga teacher training online or in person. After the pandemic, many educational programs shifted online to accommodate for the needs of the ongoing health risks. But now that it is safe to return in person, is it really necessary? Is online learning here to stay, and is it a replacement for in-person training?

Both online yoga teacher training and in-person yoga teacher training have their own benefits, and in this article, we will explore these questions to give you the guidance you need to make the right decision for your needs. So, let’s dive in!

What Are the Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Online yoga teacher training is a training program run through either pre-recorded, live video content or a mix of both. Through an online yoga teacher training program, you can become a certified yoga teacher right from the comfort of your own home!

When determining if online yoga teacher training is right for you, it is also important to note that there is a considerable variation in what is offered in online yoga teacher trainings. Some online YTT programs are entirely pre-recorded, whereas others are live on Zoom or another video conference platform. In the case of pre-recorded programs, these have the unique benefit that you can do them on your own time and at your own pace. In contrast, with a live online yoga teacher training, you may still have to get days off from work to attend.

Besides these two crucial differences between pre-recorded and live online yoga teacher trainings, they share many of the same benefits. See below for the benefits of online yoga teacher training:

·      Easy to incorporate into your life

·      Convenient to do at home

·      Can complete the training at your own pace

·      More accessible for individuals with disabilities or limitations on travel

·      Generally more affordable

·      Ability to access yoga teachers that are famous around the world

·      Can review recordings of classes multiple times to absorb the materials

·      Still get the same ability to teach in person or online

Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It?

Clearly, online yoga teacher training has many benefits. But the question still gets asked – is whether online yoga teacher training is worth it? Getting your yoga teacher training online will still provide you with the same level of certification as someone who completed training in person, but often for a fraction of the cost!

In-person yoga teacher trainings require you to travel to the location for the course, take time off work, and often have a much higher price tag. Online yoga teacher trainings are affordable, accessible, and can still be high-quality training programs as well!

Is Online Yoga Certification Legit?

Some yoga students worry that online yoga teacher training is a scam or isn’t legit. Well, let me put your worries aside – online YTT is absolutely legit! Online yoga teacher training programs exploded after the pandemic and have now become the standard for training. You can still get the same level and quality of training in yoga through an online course as in person.

Of course, it is essential to note that you still need to research the school and lead teacher before choosing your yoga teacher training, whether it is online or in person. Both online and in-person yoga teacher training programs can be at a range of quality levels. A good rule of thumb is to check the training level of the lead teacher in the teacher training program and perhaps take a few sample classes to ensure that you like the style of their teaching before you make that commitment for an entire YTT course.

Can You Make a Living Teaching Yoga Online?

After getting your online yoga teacher training certification, some people wonder if you can actually make a living as a yoga teacher. Well, here is the good news, you absolutely can! Working as a yoga teacher gives you limitless possibilities to develop a career in this exciting field. Additionally, when you get your certification online, you can teach both online and in person.

Many yoga teachers who pursue an online YTT find that they are actually better prepared to teach online than those who did their yoga teacher training in person. Online YTT programs often include a business training portion and help you familiarize yourself with various online teaching platforms, such as Zoom. Learn How to Make the Most of an Online YTT

YTT Online Versus In-Person – What Are the Pros and Cons?

Once you have decided to become a yoga teacher, then comes the most important question – where do you get certified as a yoga teacher? Choosing between an online YTT and an in-person yoga teacher training program can be a challenging question. So, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of online versus in-person yoga teacher training below!

Online Yoga Teacher Training:


·      Provides flexibility in scheduling classes and completing the program at your own pace

·      Convenient to do at home without having to travel

·      It is often more affordable and accessible

·      Access to renowned yoga teachers around the world


·      May be limited in addressing alignment in yoga poses

·      Lacks hands-on training in physical adjustments

·      Requires some dedication and organization from the student to stay on track

In-Person Yoga Teacher Training:


·      Provides an opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals in person

·      Gives more guidance on your own alignment in yoga poses

·      Can provide opportunities to learn hands-on adjustments in yoga poses to students

·      An immersive experience into yoga practice for self-study


·      Tend to be more expensive

·      May require significant travel and time off work

·      Can be disruptive in your life

·      Limited to local yoga teachers unless you are willing to travel long distances

How Can You Find the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Here is the truth – the quality of online yoga teacher training courses can vary greatly. Some yoga teacher trainings are made purely to earn money, and the teachers themselves have very limited knowledge of the depth and breadth of yoga. Choosing the right yoga teacher training course for you will determine your own trajectory as a yoga teacher and the quality of your education.

Choosing the best online yoga teacher training requires in-depth research and consideration before making this decision. This process itself brings up the yoga philosophy concept of vivekha or discernment in navigating through the vast world of yoga. It is essential to stay grounded in yourself and use your intuition to guide you through this process.

Some key questions to consider when choosing the best online yoga teacher training are:

·      Is the program fully pre-recorded, or do they offer some live instruction as well?

·      Is the yoga teacher training program registered with Yoga Alliance?

·      How many teachers provide instruction in the yoga teacher training course?

·      What do past students say about their experience in the online yoga teacher training?

·      Are there any complaints about the online YTT?

·      Does the online YTT provide students with opportunities to practice teaching with feedback?

·      Does the online yoga teacher training program teach more than just yoga poses and includes meditation, breathwork, and yoga philosophy as well?

·      What is the background and experience of the lead yoga teachers running the program?

Use these questions to investigate further into the online yoga teacher training program to help make your decision. It is also important to remember that no training can teach you everything. Studying yoga can take a lifetime (or more!), so remember to pace yourself and see these trainings as a foundational beginning rather than the end destination to become a yoga teacher.

What is the Best Yoga Certification to Get Online?

Most new yoga teachers start out with the foundational 200-hour online yoga teacher training course and then later pursue the online 300-hour yoga teacher training course. However, some yoga students prefer to dive right into the full 500-hour online yoga teacher training course, which is essentially a combination of the 200hr and 300hr online YTT programs.

There are also many excellent online continuing education courses for yoga teachers that you can do once you complete your foundational 200-hour YTT. There is a large variety of online yoga courses that you can take; the sky is truly the limit!

Start Your Online YTT Today!

Online yoga teacher training is an excellent option for those seeking flexibility and convenience in pursuing their yoga teacher certification without sacrificing on quality. For many people, going for an in-person program simply isn’t feasible due to the need to take time off from work and the excess costs for travel, accommodations, and food.

With online yoga teacher training courses, you can access this profound wisdom of yoga from the comfort of your own home! Our online yoga school offers a range of 200-hour, 300-hour, and continuing education yoga courses to give you all the training you need to become a high-quality yoga teacher. Reach out to us for more information on how you can join our online yoga teacher training courses today!