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Steph Ball-Mitchell

Steph has 25 years of experience in yoga and movement. Her understanding of yoga and the human body has been influenced by lifelong dancing and holistic health. She found her life’s purpose in helping people become happier and healthier through her own healing journey. Steph assists her students in knowing the joy and wonderment of integrating the mind and body. She encourages an authentic and life-nurturing practice, one that brings greater consciousness to each moment and every movement of the body with a heavy emphasis on breath. With a masters degree in counseling, Steph brings awareness, acceptance and a down to earth approach to her classes. She completed her 200-hour with Maty Ezraty, her second 200-hour training with Nancy Candea at Yoga Impact in New Jersey and her 300-hour training with Chris Loebsack. The perpetual student, Steph has studied with Leslie Howard, Travis Eliot, Bryan Kest, Donna Farhi and countless others. She has extensive training in pelvic floor yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, power yoga and accessible yoga. Most recently, Steph was certified as a Grand Master of Meditation through Swami Vidyanand. Steph founded Yoga and Ayurveda Center with her husband. They launched Online Yoga School to support their local trainings and have recently launched a virtual yoga studio to accommodate the international community of trainees. When she isn’t on her mat, Steph can be found volunteering, enjoying her husband and children, dancing and cooking. She previously enjoyed serving on the Education Committee of Yoga Alliance and places a strong emphasis on inclusivity in her teacher trainings.

ERYT-200, RYT-500, YACEP, WYF-500, Reiki Master, 500-CMT, Grand Master Meditation

Melissa Zegley

My name is Melissa. My yoga journey began close to forty years ago. It began as a way to control my breath and exercise while living with severe asthma. Yoga has made me stronger; mind, body and spirit. Since an early age, I have always been drawn to meditation. I completed my 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through The Yoga and Ayurveda Center under Steph Ball-Mitchell. I have also completed my Chair Yoga Teacher Certification, Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification, and Yin Yoga Teacher Certification through The Yoga and Ayurveda Center. I completed my Curvy Yoga Certification under Anna Guest Jelley. I am registered with Yoga Alliance as an ERYT-200, RYT-500 and YACEP. I am also registered as a 500-CMT and Grand Master Meditation with Meditation Alliance International after completing the Grand Master Meditation program under Swami Vidyanand. I primarily teach mindful yoga and restorative yoga along with guided meditations-with and without sound offerings. I am also a Reiki Master. I received my first Usui Reiki Attunement in 2012 and began working on friends and family. Since then I received my Usui Reiki Master Attunement from 4 Hands Spiritual Healing. I incorporate meditation, pranayama, singing bowls and other sound offerings, reiki and essential oils into my yoga practice. Off the mat, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, being outdoors, gardening, paddle boarding and kayaking. Along with my husband Jim, I have a wellness business called Zen with Zegley. We make our own jewelry and offer reiki, yoga, singing bowl and other sound meditations as well as guided meditations.


Haley Lyn

Haley Lyn is a 500hr RYT & graduate of Yoga & Ayurveda Center Online Yoga School. Haley has been teaching 6 years in gyms, studios, community Yoga & taught for the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma specializing in Native American Spiritualism Yoga. Haley teaches a variety of Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Kid's & Native American Spiritualism Yoga with guided mindfulness meditation. Haley also joins her community & teaches with her Community's Children's Shelter & Young Professionals Program motivating the youth of her community.

Meet Our Virtual Instructors

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Vanessa Jackson

"Peace and blessing. I am Vanessa Jackson, also known as Sister Moon. I specialize in Guided-mindfulness Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. This type of yoga is a subtle power flow; we focus on the breath as we bring awareness to how we feel in the present moment. I choose my words wisely, with emphasis on Trauma-sensitive. Integrating seven years of college education in nursing, mindfulness, and liberal studies into each session. The goal is to relax, unwind, build strength, and bring a deeper awareness to how we feel within."


Parth Agrawal

Parth Agrawal is a life long student of yoga and Has practiced various styles such as Ashtanga, Bikram and Hatha for almost a decade. He is teaching from two years and holds the designation of RYT 200. He is currently persuing RYT 300 from Yoga and Ayurveda center, and Masters degree in Yogic sciences from India. He is six time National and two times International yoga asana champion. He has a deep knowledge of subtle aspects of yoga and it's philosophy. His classes consists of Asanas, Pranayama, meditation and chanting. He prioritise alignment over the depth of posture to prevent injury and provides modifications and options to make class accessable as well as challenging for students of all levels. He continually studies new and old traditions and implements them to both his practice and teachings.

Meet Our Virtual Instructors

Read More About Dr. Sandra, Jocelynn & Evelynn

RYT-500, Kirtan Instructor, YACEP

Dr. Sandra Sluberski

SANDRA BOYSEN SLUBERSKI is an RYT-500 and E-RYT 200 through Yoga Alliance, and a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider), teaching at both the Online Yoga School through the Yoga & Ayurveda Center, and at The Hochstein School in Rochester, NY, and has her own business at SBS Introduced to yoga in 2010, she began daily practice in 2016 and completed teacher training in 2021 through the Yoga & Ayurveda Center under the guidance of Steph Ball-Mitchell. She’s also a Kirtan leader. Sandra develops themed yoga workshops, with currently more than a dozen available on the OYS Virtual Studio site, as well as over 60 Yoga Mythology 1-hour sessions there, as well. She records monthly 1-hour Kirtan satsang/sessions, teaching mantras and bhajans (meditative devotional chants), using harmonium, singing bowls & cajon percussion. She is the creator and lead trainer of OYS's Taking Myths to the Mat (a YACEP Course) and she’s working on a companion book for the course, to be released on Amazon through Kindle Publishing. Sandra holds D.M. and M.M. degrees in voice performance from Florida State University’s College of Music, and is in her 23rd year on the voice faculty at The Hochstein School, which honored her with their Faculty Service Award in 2013 and Faculty Excellence Grant in 2019. She provides voiceover talent for commercial/media venues through SBS Vocalworx and West Rush Media, LLC, and is listed for booking on Her audiobook narration can be found on She’s married to Dave Sluberski, professor of audio recording for film/animation/gaming at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Film & Animation/MAGIC Spell Studios, and broadcast recording engineer for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. When not on the mat or behind a mic, she’s enjoying her pet Silkie hens, or working on cars in the garage with Dave, who enjoys being married to a yogini. Visit her at and


Jocelynn Mitchell

Jocelynn is a student at Temple University. Wellness plays a major role in Jocelynn's life and she enjoys helping others with healthy lifestyle choices. Jocelynn is a 500-hour yoga teacher and her classes focus on safety and alignment.


Evelynn Diabo

Evelynn completed the Gokul Yoga 200 Hour Hatha-Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2017 under the tuleage of Mahayogi Jani Jaatinen and Masley Yahya at Gokul Yoga, Malaysia. Ever grateful for their teachings and the love of yoga they imparted, she continues her yogic journey on and off the mat. As a teacher, Evelynn believes that the benefits of yoga are accessible to all regardless of age, ability and background. Her classes are based on precise alignment and the use of props to prevent injury, bandhas for increased steadiness, and pranayama for harmony. Each class is an opportunity to energize, to build strength, and flexibility, develop a greater sense of self awind in a awareness, relieve stress, and quiet the restless mind in a heartfelt, compassionate way. Outside of yoga, Evelynn is a devoted wife and mother, enjoys kayaking, art and the study of human, anatomy and physiology as they relate to health, healing and bodywork


  • How many classes can I take weekly?

    You can take unlimited live yoga classes with your membership.

  • Are workshops included with the virtual studio membership?

    Yes, all workshops are included in the virtual membership.

  • Can I try out the virtual studio without committing?

    Sure, enjoy the first month of membership for free and cancel anytime.

  • Do I need a special app to log in and join?

    No, you can log in to your dashboard from your computer, phone or tablet and you can join the live classes from your dashboard without any third party apps or software.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Sure, no commitments. Cancel anytime.

  • Is this included with the RYT-200, RYT-300 or RPYT training?

    The virtual studio is separate from the yoga teacher trainings. However, we encourage all trainees to sign up and enjoy the first month of unlimited yoga for free.

  • Is the training open to everyone, or only to trainees and graduates of the school?

    The training is open to everyone.

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Maritza Rodriguez Casanova

I really love this school and I'm sou gratefully for fine this COURSE. Thanks Steph you amazing I'm sou thankful and joyfully for you life.

I really love this school and I'm sou gratefully for fine this COURSE. Thanks Steph you amazing I'm sou thankful and joyfully for you life.

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5 star rating

love this class

Lisa Newman

e are incorporating various teachings that all support the foundational yogic traditions.

e are incorporating various teachings that all support the foundational yogic traditions.

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