Spring Equinox Meditation: Plant, Bloom and Grow

By: Melissa Zegley, RYT500, Reiki Master, CMT500, Grand Master of Meditation

Spring Equinox Meditation

Spring Equinox Meditation

Spring Equinox Meditation Script

Spring Equinox Meditation Script: Plant, Bloom and Grow


As the spring equinox approaches, I was inspired to use it as a theme for this week’s meditation. The spring equinox represents the beginning of spring, season of new life, new beginnings and a return to balance. It is the time when the sun crosses over the equator. 


I invite you to find your comfortable seat, using whatever props you may need. Take a few moments here to find your seat and settle in.


Allow your eyes to gently close or your gaze to soften down and out a few feet in front of you.


Begin to focus on your breath, observing your inhalations and your exhalations without changing anything. Just follow the natural rhythm of your breath.


Spring is a time of transition. As the days grow longer and the weather warms, the world around us comes back to life. 


Use this opportunity to acknowledge your own journey. Think about where you have been, where you are and where you want to be.


There is no better time than the transition from winter to spring to plant your intentions and watch them bloom and grow like flowers.


Look at your present life as a blooming flower. Visualize a bud that hasn’t yet bloomed. Create the most vivid image in your mind.


Now, work your way down to the soil. What forms this soil for you? What enrichment does the soil need?


Turn your attention to the feelings that come up. Give them space. Place a hand on your heart as you breathe, offering compassion and care for whatever shows up. Take your time here. Allow these feelings to express themselves fully. Be aware of how your heart feels.


Now ask yourself: what growth have I experienced as a result of these feelings? How have these moments laid the foundation for my growth? Some moments may offer you wisdom and others may not. That’s okay. Sometimes it takes years to find growth in an experience. 


In this moment, right now, which moments have become the beautiful soil that will nurture your flower? Transform your feelings into life force — the life force that nourishes the flower’s roots. Feel this shift. Breathe it in. With each breath, feel that energy strengthen, bloom and grow.


Work your way up to the bud with that energy. Focus on the bud. Focus on the petals. What potential beauty lies here? What brings you joy when you think of this flower blooming? 


Focus on the possibility of what’s to come. Breathe into your heart as you do this, into the possibility. Breathe out any doubt you may have.


Breathe in expansively and allow the pure energy of these thoughts to fill your heart. Now allow this energy to expand to the tips of your fingers, the top of your head and the bottom of your feet. Feel this energy as it embraces you and fills every part of your being. Stay with this feeling for as long as you like.


When you’re ready, take three deep breaths. When you’re ready, come back to the present, and gently blink open your eyes if they have been closed.


Take a few moments today to write down what you felt and experienced during our meditation. Write a list of care instructions for your flower. What kind of conditions does your flower need to thrive? Does it require lots of light? How often does it need to be watered? Make this a fun exercise for yourself. Maybe name your flower. When you’re done, post the instructions somewhere visible. Look at them often: we all need self-care and nourishment.

This spring, fully embrace the person you’re becoming and honor the person and experiences that got you here. We’re all blossoms rooted in soil.

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About the Author

Lead Trainer of Online Yoga School's Meditation Teacher Training

Melissa Zegley, RYT500, Reiki Master, CMT500, Grand Master of Meditation

My name is Melissa. My yoga journey began close to forty years ago. It began as a way to control my breath and exercise while living with severe asthma. Yoga has made me stronger; mind, body and spirit. Since an early age, I have always been drawn to meditation.


I completed my 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through The Yoga and Ayurveda Center under Steph Ball-Mitchell. I have  also completed my Chair Yoga Teacher Certification, Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification, and Yin Yoga Teacher Certification through The Yoga and Ayurveda Center. I completed my Curvy Yoga Certification under Anna Guest Jelley. I am registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500. I am also registered as a 500 CMT and Grand Master of Meditation with Meditation Alliance International after completing the Grand Master of Meditation program under Swami Vidyanand.  I primarily teach restorative yoga along with guided meditations-with and without sound offerings.


I am also a Reiki Master. I received my first Usui Reiki Attunement in 2012 and began working on friends and family. Since then I received my Usui Reiki Master Attunement from 4 Hands Spiritual Healing. I incorporate meditation, pranayama, singing bowls and other sound offerings, reiki and essential oils into my  yoga practice.


Off the mat, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, being outdoors, gardening, paddle boarding and kayaking. Along with my husband Jim, I have a wellness business called Zen with Zegley. We make our own jewelry, sundry products and more. We offer reiki, yoga, singing bowl and other sound meditations as well as guided meditations.

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