Chakras and Color Therapy: Healing with Vibrant Energy

Learn How to Work With Chakras and Color

Chakras and Color Therapy: Healing with Vibrant Energy

chakras and color therapy

Each of the chakras is connected to a specific color that can be utilized in color therapy to promote deep healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The chakras are part of the subtle energy that runs throughout your entire body. With color therapy for the chakras, you can begin to shift these subtle energies, causing a domino effect of healing that extends well beyond the subtle level. 

Combining the wisdom of the chakras with the practical application of color therapy can lead to profound healing. In this article, we will explore the benefits of color therapy and how you can use color therapy for the chakras. We will also explore different practices of color therapy with practical guidance to implement this on your own. Now, let’s get started!  

What is Color Therapy for the Chakras?

Color therapy is a unique, holistic healing modality that is based on yoga philosophy and the chakras. However, with the developments of modern science, there is now extensive research on how various colors influence the way we think and feel. For example, blues and greens often create a calming effect on the mind, whereas reds and yellows can be more energizing and stimulating. 

Through a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, color therapy provides a unique avenue of healing. In color therapy for the chakras, each chakra is associated with a specific color that is activated with a range of techniques. Through exposure to or meditation on these colors, you can begin to balance and heal the flow of energy in your chakras. 

The History of Color Therapy for the Chakras

Color therapy for the chakras has deep roots in yoga philosophy and Ayurveda, or Indian traditional medicine. The chakras have been part of yoga philosophy for hundreds of years within the Tantric tradition. Through exploration and investigation, ancient yogis and sages developed the system of the chakras and realized the flow of energy throughout the body. 

The chakra system then further developed when it was introduced to the Western world and became incorporated into various esoteric practices. Modern color therapists, such as Edwin Babbitt and Dinshah Ghadiali, explored the use of colored light in health, and color therapy developed as an effective form of healing. 

The New Age movement is the primary source of what we know about color therapy and the chakras. Although the chakras are rooted in ancient wisdom and philosophy, color therapy is actually a modern development that has broadened our understanding and application of alternative therapies on the chakras over time. 

Does Color Therapy for the Chakras Work?

Whether or not color therapy for the chakras actually works is still a matter of active debate, and the opinions often vary. Within the conventional scientific community, color therapy is viewed as more of a pseudo-science, with the placebo effect credited as the main underlying therapeutic factor. However, there is growing scientific evidence that color therapy can effectively influence your mental health and emotions. 

The principles of color therapy are often used by modern designers to influence the way you feel in a space or while using a particular product. Colors bring back memories, emotions, and internal states – and the mind and body are intricately connected, so influencing how you think or feel can have a downstream effect on your physical health as well. 

But most of the evidence and understanding of color therapy for the chakras is within yoga philosophy. The chakras have been extensively researched by yogis and sages over hundreds of years through experiences in deep meditation and reflection. Over time, these sages developed systematic methods for balancing the subtle energies within. 

What Colors Are Associated with What Chakras?

The primary basis of color therapy for the chakras is the correlation of each chakra with a specific color. See below for an overview of the colors associated with the chakras:

  1. Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra): Red
  2. Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana Chakra): Orange
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra): Yellow
  4. Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra): Green
  5. Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra): Blue
  6. Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra): Indigo or Violet
  7. Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra): Violet or White

To begin the process of color therapy for the chakras, it is essential to first assess each of your chakras on your own through meditation and reflection or with a qualified energy healer, chakra healer, or yoga therapist. Once you evaluate the needs of your chakra system, you can begin implementing color therapy techniques to balance specific chakras. 

How Do You Balance Your Chakras with Colors?

There are many different methods of color therapy for the chakras, and these techniques have continued to develop over time. Implementing color therapy for the chakras is a process of exploration as you determine what works best for your needs. Below, we will overview the top five methods of color therapy for the chakras. 

The Top 5 Ways to Use Color Therapy for the Chakras:

  1. Meditation and Visualization

The most common method of implementing color therapy for the chakras is through mediation and visualization. For example, you might try imaging the color red flowing through your pelvic area in your root chakra. Visualize the movement of this red flowing light throughout your root chakra, imagining that it is cleansing and balancing this area completely. Use your breath to deepen into this meditative state, and perhaps even imagine a colored light moving into your body with your breath.

  1. Colored Clothing and Accessories 

Another method of color therapy is simply wearing clothing or accessories that utilize the color of the chakra that you are balancing. For example, suppose you have noticed issues in your throat chakra through difficulties communicating with others or physical health issues in your throat. In that case, you might try wearing the color blue or accessorizing with blue items. This is a subtle way to bring color therapy into your life. Additionally, you can wear this clothing on specific days of the week associated with different colors according to yoga philosophy and Vedic astrology: 

  • Monday – Moon Day: White
  • Tuesday – Mars Day: Red
  • Wednesday – Mercury Day: Green
  • Thursday – Jupiter Day: Yellow or Purple
  • Friday – Venus Day: Pink or Green
  • Saturday – Saturn Day: Black or Dark Blue
  • Sunday – Sun Day: Yellow or Orange


Colored Lighting 

Light therapy is another way to practice color therapy for the chakras. Light therapy is often combined with meditation to create a calming effect on the mind. The simplest way to practice light therapy is to simply arrange colored lights in your living space or meditation area. Additionally, you can choose specific lights, like red light or blue light therapy, and direct those lights on your body during meditation or through beams of light onto specific areas of the body to promote an energetic shift. There is extensive scientific research on the benefits of various light therapies on the mind and mental health – particularly using red and blue lights. 

Colored Gemstones and Crystals

Color therapy and crystal therapy are often used in combination for chakra healing. Each gemstone or crystal has a specific color that can be used to balance that chakra. Crystals also carry unique subtle properties that can influence the chakras. But many of the crystals used for specific chakras are chosen because of their colors that influence the energy of your body, mind, and soul. Carrying crystals or gemstones with you, using them in jewelry, or placing them on your altar are wonderful ways to bring crystal therapy and color therapy into your life to heal your chakras. 

Creativity and Art Therapy 

Creative expression taps into your right brain processes and can bring balance to your entire being. When you engage in art therapy, you are accessing the subconscious mind, resulting in profound transformations throughout your entire being. An excellent way to bring color therapy into these practices is to select specific colors during your art or creative expression sessions and create images that focus on a particular color or chakra theme. 

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Color therapy for the chakras is a powerful way to promote healing throughout your entire being. With the unique techniques of color therapy, you can experience shifts in your chakras on an energetic level. Color therapy is also backed by scientific research as a way to influence your mind and emotions. And as we all know, your mind and body are deeply intertwined. So, give color therapy a try for yourself and experience the immense impacts this healing technique can have! 

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