A Guide to Choosing the Right Yoga Teacher Training Course

By: Steph Ball-Mitchell, ERYT500, RPYT, RCYT, YACEP, CAADC

Are you looking for a yoga teacher training (YTT) course that will give you the skills and wisdom to become a successful yoga instructor? Or maybe you’re looking for a YTT course that will help you deepen your connection to your individual practice and open your world to a network of fellow yogis.

Whatever your desire and intention, choosing a course that suits your lifestyle and communication preferences is vital to your success and achievements in the community. However, from online trainings to in-person yoga studio schedules, choosing the best course for you can be difficult. Below, we dive into a comprehensive guide to choosing the right yoga teacher training course for you.

What To Know About YTT Courses

The educational aspects of yoga teacher training offer you various directions and pathways, enabling you to choose what’s best for your goals. But a course can be challenging to choose if you‘re new to the practice or unsure of your current skill set.

The most common course option many people gravitate toward is a 200-hour yoga teacher training online course because this opens the door to new opportunities and helps students refine their skills, wisdom, and personal practice. From here, students can evolve this into richer training courses and other educational tools and materials, from Ayurvedic education to meditation practices and more.

Read on to learn about a few key considerations for your online YTT course selections.

Consider the Program Type

One of the first things to consider when choosing a YTT course is the type of program. There are two main types: residential and online. Residential programs usually take place at a yoga retreat center or studio, while online courses offer more flexibility, as you can complete them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Residential training programs are more demanding since they require travel, scheduling, and in-person attendance. This may suit various lifestyles, but for most busy individuals or those who can’t block time off, an online teacher training program is the go-to solution.

Gauge the Program’s Primary Focus

Before enrolling in any YTT course, you should make sure it focuses on the topics you’re most interested in. Popular topics include anatomy and physiology, asanas (poses), meditation, pranayama (breath work), yogic philosophy, and teaching methods. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the program covers the core concepts of yoga teaching and philosophy. These core concepts help you get the skills and wisdom necessary to adhere to proper yoga practice and ensure you offer ethical yoga codes and accurate information if you begin instructing.

Verify the Program’s Accreditation

Ensure the Yoga Alliance accredits the yoga teacher training course you’re considering. This level of accreditation ensures the program meets industry standards and provides a quality, reliable education. Also, accreditation means you can trust your investment will result in learning accurate teachings and practices that you can ethically share with others.

Learn the Program’s Cost

The cost of a 200-hour yoga teacher training course can vary significantly depending on the type of program, its accreditation, and other factors. Before selecting a program, be sure to compare costs and ensure it fits within your budget. You may find that you can receive the necessary educational materials at lower prices, but investing your money into a program that offers a complete package is worthwhile.

For instance, if you’re receiving asana lessons but no philosophy, you are not going to receive all you need. A comprehensive course should include the following elements:

  • Asana work
  • Pranayama
  • Sanskrit
  • Sequencing engagement
  • Teaching methodology
  • Chakra healing and alignment teachings
  • Mantra and meditation lessons
  • History
  • Anatomy

These studies cover all aspects of a fully esteemed yoga practice and will provide you with a richer understanding of the industry.

Evaluate the Program’s Schedule

Consider the program’s schedule and how well you can commit to its timeframes. How long is the program? How many days a week is the commitment? How many hours a day are required?

Some programs take several weeks, and others several months. Online courses tend to have more flexibility with start and end dates compared with residential programs, so make sure you check the schedule before enrolling. Another bonus with online courses is how you can weave the curriculum into your lifestyle without feeling pulled in too many directions at once. Receiving your YTT certificate on your terms is a blessing.

Research the Program’s Location

The location of a yoga teacher training course is important for both residential and online programs. If you’re considering a residential program, make sure it’s in an area where you feel comfortable and can easily access the studio or retreat space.

For online programs, make sure you have reliable internet access so you can participate in live classes and receive course materials without interruption. Given that online courses can be anywhere you are, they will be the most feasible option for you if you have physical attendance commitments you cannot forgo.

Read the Program’s Reviews

Finally, before signing up for a 200-hour YTT course, check out reviews from past students to get a better sense of what the program is like. This can help you make an informed decision and ensure the program is right for you.

Reviews play a significant role in collecting information before making an investment. If you don’t see any reviews, take that as a sign to keep shopping for a program. Likewise, if you see a lot of positive reviews, this is a good sign that students and fellow yogis benefited from the program you’re considering.

Invest in Your Future With 200-Hour YTT Online

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, investing in a 200-hour yoga teacher training course can be beneficial. This certification will give you the skills and knowledge to become a successful yoga instructor. It will also help you deepen your personal practice and give you a profound sense of yoga wisdom, philosophy, and connection to the culture.

Online Yoga School is a fully accredited and reputable yoga school with multiple course offerings and a menu of expansive educational packages. We value the need to share information and offer our course content with affordability, accessibility, and authenticity.

Thank you for reading our complete guide to choosing the right yoga teacher training course. We look forward to helping you deepen your understanding of all things yoga. Namaste, fellow yogis!

A Guide to Choosing the Right Yoga Teacher Training Course