Requirements for Certification

Online Yoga School's 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Requirements

  • Practice Logs & Body Assessments

    Throughout the 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training, you will cultivate (or continue) a personal practice. One of the requirements for certification is to complete 50 practice hours. To help commit to practice, you will keep a log of your practice hours, which might include meditation, pranayama, chanting or asana practice and can be done in a studio or at home. You also get the opportunity to conduct a body assessment on yourself and/or others to help prepare you for working with private clients.

  • 5 Class Plans

    When you reach the sequencing section in the Online Yoga Teacher Training, you will write 5 of your own sequences (class plans). The goal is to prepare you for your personal next step, which is different for everyone. For some students, class plans are 90 minute Vinyasa flows. Others turn in kids yoga class plans. We also see yin and restorative plans, chair plans, private yoga session plans and more. You determine how long the classes you're planning will be and what style yoga you will be teaching. We will review your plans and provide feedback.

  • Final Teaching Project

    The final project is to host your own yoga event. This event can be as big or as small as you would like. Some of our students have done large karma classes by donation for charity. Others teach small classes to a family member or friend. Your final teaching project should prepare you for the next step in your yoga journey, whatever that is. You are welcome to send in photos or videos for feedback. If that is uncomfortable, you can just tell us how it goes. This is an opportunity for you to put theory into practice. If you would rather skip the final project and be certified by exam, we offer that option also.


  • Am I required to turn in videos and photos?

    You are welcome to send in videos and photos. If you do, we have the opportunity to provide feedback. We carefully review all of our teacher trainee's submissions, and we provide feedback on alignment in asana as well as practice teaching. You are not required to send in any photos or videos to complete your certification.

  • How will I know if my form in yoga poses is correct when I take online training?

    Many of our students send us photos in yoga poses for feedback. We will be happy to give you some practice tips and make sure that your alignment is safe if you choose to send in photos.

  • Do I have to practice all of the poses contained in the Online Yoga Teacher Training?

    Absolutely not. We cover over 100 asanas in the 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training. We also teach you modifications, contraindications and benefits for each pose. We want you to be familiar with the poses, but you are not expected to practice all of them. We always recommend you listen to your own body.

  • Can I take the Final Exam multiple times?

    We want to see you succeed. If you need to retake the final exam, you can absolutely retake it as many times as you need to. It's a multiple-choice exam that requires a score of 70% or higher. The training prepares you very well for the exam.

  • What is the final project?

    The final project is to teach a yoga class. You can teach one person or more than one person. The class can be online or in person. Many students teach a family member at home. With COVID, lots of students have put together YouTube videos. You are not required to turn in a video, but we love to see them if you are able to! All that is required is a brief written summary telling us what you've learned from the experience.