Becoming a Breathwork Instructor

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Becoming a Breathwork Instructor

becoming a breathwork instructor

Breathwork is an incredibly potent healing practice, and by becoming a breathwork instructor, you can share this wisdom with others. We are constantly breathing, but how often do we pause to truly notice the breath and use it as a tool for revitalization? Through conscious deep breathing and pranayama practices, you can promote a profound transformation within your body, mind, and soul.

Pursuing a career in breathwork is an exciting journey, and the benefits of becoming a breathwork instructor are limitless! In this article, we will go over the basics of breathwork and how you can get certified in pranayama in a pranayama teacher training. Make sure to check out our online breathwork certification as well if you are ready to dive into this new life as a breathwork instructor! Now, let’s explore the ins and outs of breathwork instructor certification.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the conscious practice of shifting the patterns in your breath through specific breathing techniques. There are many different types of breathwork practices, ranging from simple deep breathing to more complex breathwork methods.

Breathing practices have been present for thousands of years around the world, and there are now many different traditions or schools of breathwork. But most breathwork has its roots in the yoga practice of pranayama. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to mean the control of prana or life force energy. Prana can be shifted through the breath, and with pranayama, you can promote profound transformation within your energetic body that extends deep into the body, mind, and soul.

There are innumerable benefits of breathwork, and researchers are continually uncovering these benefits over time. See below for a brief list of some of the main benefits of breathwork practice:

·      Balances blood pressure

·      Reduces insomnia

·      Alleviates depression and anxiety

·      Improves symptoms of PTSD and trauma healing

·      Strengthens the respiratory system

·      Reduces stress

·      Increases energy

·      Enhances the immune system

·      Stimulates blood circulation

·      Lowers chronic pain and inflammation

·      Raises self-esteem

·      Supports gentle detoxification

·      Improves athletic performance and physical endurance

·      Stimulates digestive function

·      Eases addiction recovery

·      Increases concentration and focus

·      Boosts creativity

·      Deepens spiritual connection

How to Make a Career in Breathwork

Working as a breathwork facilitator is an exciting prospect to be able to work in a field that is so profoundly healing! Having the opportunity to witness others experience the potency of breathwork is inspiring, and it is a gift to work in the healing profession as a breathwork instructor.

But making a career in breathwork also has its challenges, as it is still a growing field, and not many people know about breathwork practices. A significant component of building a career in breathwork will be centered around educating others about the power of breathwork and why they should utilize these practices in their daily lives.

There are a range of settings that you can work in as a breathwork instructor. Some of the places to pursue a career in breathwork might include:

·      Yoga studios

·      Retreat centers

·      Wellness centers

·      Alternative health group practices

·      Community centers

·      Hospitals

·      Massage centers

·      Online instruction

·      Private practice

Building a career in the breathwork field takes an entrepreneurial spirit, but it is absolutely possible! Try to get creative when thinking of the many potential opportunities, and allow your intuition to guide you down your path to success.

The Benefits of Becoming a Breathwork Instructor

Becoming a breathwork instructor is a true gift to work in a field that brings you joy. Offering breathwork instruction gives you the opportunity to witness others on their healing journey and be a support for their transformation. Working in the healing field gives you many abilities to support others and yourself as well. By healing others, we also heal ourselves – each person we encounter can be a mirror to deepen our own growth!

It is important to remember that even as a breathwork instructor, you are still a lifelong student and must center your personal breathwork practice. We can only help others to the degree that we are able to help ourselves. So, the deeper that you dive into your personal breathwork practice, the more you will be able to offer this wisdom to others.

Getting Certified in Pranayama

In order to safely and effectively offer pranayama or breathwork instruction, getting certified in pranayama is an essential step. Before taking on this process of breathwork certification, it is always advised to first have your own personal pranayama practice. Additionally, take some time to explore various pranayama practices and different schools to find what fits best for you.

Some teachers note that getting certification in pranayama is really just the first step on this journey, and it is not the final destination. To truly become a pranayama teacher requires a deep dedication to your personal pranayama practice. The deeper you dive into your own breath, the more you will be able to offer others.

6 Tips to Choose a Pranayama Teacher Training

1.     Take a Trial Class

The best way to check and see if pranayama teacher training is right for you is to take a few trial classes with the teacher. Every teacher and breathwork tradition has a unique focus, and taking the time to sample the teacher’s work can give you a clearer idea if you are in alignment with their style. Even going for one class can be an excellent opportunity to get a taste of the pranayama teaching style and inspire you to sign up if you feel it is aligned!

2.     Research the School Background & Tradition

It is essential to do your research on the school, check reviews, and inquire into the background or tradition of the school’s program. There are many different ways to practice and teach pranayama, and knowing the tradition or lineage of your teachers can give you a clearer idea of the authenticity of their teachings. Make sure the school is credentialed in some way as well. Many pranayama certification programs are registered with Yoga Alliance as a continuing education programs, but there is no single regulating body for pranayama certification.

3.     Ask Your Intuition

The best guide for any decision that you make is to follow your own intuition. There is often conflicting and confusing information out there that may muddle your decision about which pranayama training you should register for. But ultimately, your intuition will be your greatest guide in determining the right program for you. Take a moment to do some deep conscious breathing, shift into a meditative mindset, and listen to the call of your soul to guide you forward on the right path.

4.     Make a Commitment to the Program

With the rise of online programs, it is common for people to register for a certification and then forget about it. But you ultimately only get out of a program what you put into it. Becoming a breathwork facilitator takes time and energy, so ensure that you have the space to dedicate to your chosen certification program and truly deepen into the process. But remember to take your time and give yourself space to digest the material. You can always continue reading and studying as you go along, as the knowledge is truly limitless!

5.     Center Yourself in Your Personal Pranayama Practice

As you take steps toward pranayama certification, it is essential to remember to maintain a beginner’s mind and continue to deepen into your personal pranayama practice. The deeper you dive into your own pranayama or breathwork practice, the more aligned your internal energies will be, and the easier you can hear the call of your inner soul to guide you forward on your path.

6.     Enjoy the Journey!

Becoming a breathwork instructor is an exciting journey, so remember to enjoy the process! Breathwork is a powerful practice, and the path of getting certified in pranayama is one that you will surely enjoy. Pranayama certification programs center around learning various pranayama techniques and experiencing them in your own body. The more exposure you get to these different techniques, the more opportunity you have to deepen into your own breath and find profound healing from within.

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With every breath, you can genuinely stimulate profound shifts within your body, mind, and soul. Conscious breathing is a deeply effective practice, but at the end of the day, it is also surprisingly simple. By paying attention to the breath, you can harness the energy or prana in your body and facilitate an awakening from within. Pranayama practices have the potential to support your energetic body, transforming your mental and physical health from within.

If you are ready to take the next step in becoming a breathwork instructor and getting certified in pranayama, then make sure to check out our online breathwork certification! A career in breathwork can be incredibly satisfying work as you learn how to offer this healing practice to others. Reach out to us to learn more about our pranayama teacher training so that you can get your breathwork certification and start your career in breathwork today!